About Adv. Oshri Dahan

2002 – Hebrew Unoversity of Jerusalem

Israel, 2003

Civil and administrative litigation, urban renewal, representation in complex real estate transactions, corporations and non-profits, inheritances and wills.

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Adv. Oshri Dahan

Adv. Oshri Dahan, married and father of two, born in Jerusalem, graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, member of the Bar Association since 2003.

Adv. Dahan has extensive experience in representing litigants in the areas of commercial and administrative law in various courts, both before the various courts (Supreme, District and Magistrates’ Courts) and in arbitration proceedings.

Together with the firm’s staff, Adv. Dahan accompanies and advises the firm’s clients in various areas of commercial law, including accompanying transactions, drafting agreements, dissolving real estate partnerships, wills and estates.

In light of Adv. Dahan’s rich experience in the field, he is frequently appointed to act as receiver in various legal proceedings, and in particular in the context of liquidation proceedings in real estate.

In addition, Adv. Dahan has gained extensive experience in representing tenants as well as contractors and developers in the field of construction and infrastructure, and in particular in urban renewal transactions, NAP 38 and evacuation construction.