Real Estate

Our firm specializes in real estate in Israel, in Jerusalem in particular.

Our real estate department accompanies clients at all stages of the transaction: checking the due diligence of the purchase transactions, the structure of the transaction and tax considerations, purchasing real estate on all components of care and accompaniment, accompanying sale and rental of apartments or commercial units, and supporting the legal relationship with buyers and tenants. The department also represents the firm’s clients when selling a project or parts of it, while accompanying the process from beginning to end. We represent in a variety of transactions the variety of parties: companies, contractors, developers, sellers and buyers, tenants and property owners.

Urban renewal and complex transactions

Our firm provides a range of legal services to entrepreneurs, contractors, realtors, investors and individuals in the field of urban renewal. We represent developers and tenants in a large number of projects in Jerusalem and the center of Israel, from the pre-contractual negotiation stage, through the drafting of the agreement, accompanying objections and various procedures in the planning committees, if any, until the end of the project.

In addition, our office has a special expertise in the Jerusalem area, which includes an in-depth acquaintance with the lands of the Greek Patriarch and church lands.


Our firm specializes in preparing complex commercial contracts for companies and individuals, franchises, employment contracts, sales contracts, partnership agreements and gift agreements. Our firm provides legal assistance from the negotiation stage to the signing. In addition, our firm provides legal assistance and legal representation in connection with breaches of the agreement and its enforcement.

Commercial and administrative litigation

Our firm has extensive experience in managing complex commercial and administrative litigation cases in a wide range of areas, including real estate claims, contractual claims, corporations, administrative law and tort claims.

We represent a wide range of clients – individuals, corporations, business owners and more in all jurisdictions across the country.

Inheritances and Wills

Our firm specializes in preparing wills including reciprocal wills. This area requires sensitivity along with skill and legal understanding of how to make wills with minimal exposure.

Our firm handles the various aspects involved in inheritances, estate management, estate distribution agreement, execution of an inheritance order, application for revocation of an inheritance order, and agreements between heirs including the tax aspects.

Associations and non-profit organizations

Our firm provides full legal advice and assistance to nonprofits and non-profit organizations and retainer agreements, which operate in a wide range of areas including institutionalization and liquidation, submission of ongoing reports, tax aspects, ongoing legal advice, all in accordance with the association’s needs.

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Oshri Dahan Law Office is a Jerusalem boutique law firm that provides its clients with a high-quality and professional legal and business services in the commercial-civil field. The firm was founded in 2006, and is managed by Adv. Oshri Dahan, a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who has accumulated rich experience and thorough legal knowledge throughout his years of practice. Adherence to achievement jurisprudence combined with creativity and an understanding of the dynamic space of the legal and business world in the 21st century, are what enable us to achieve exceptional achievements and results for our clients.

About US

Since 2006


The firm’s staff is a unique team, consisting of lawyers who have graduated from universities and have extensive training, both in real estate and litigation. In addition, our team members participate in professional and advanced training, in order to maintain a high and up-to-date professional level.

The professional base, together with the friendships and trust between the staff members in the firm, constitute the optimal combination for the provision of legal services at a high level and while maintaining fairness and values, both within the walls of the firm and towards its clients and colleagues.